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                                                                                                                                                                                      Founded by Kay in 2021.


To provide clean burning luxury candles and products, backed up by strong environmental credentials, through sustainable practices.  


Eriskay Candles is an Award Winning Luxury, Sensory Emporium. 

Creating hand poured candles using 100% sustainable Rapeseed wax, vegan friendly, GMO free and not tested on animals, sourced within the UK/Europe ensuring a lower carbon footprint.  

Spun cotton and paper weaved wicks in all our candles, reduces black soot occurring while burning, allowing a healthier, cleaner and consistent burn.  

Our candles are tested for both quality and safety, and are poured by hand in our work studio based on the outskirts of Edinburgh on the East Coast of Scotland.

We pride ourselves on being a minimal waste, eco friendly and sustainable company. Sourcing ingredients and packaging from within the UK/Europe to ensure we lower are carbon footprint that can be recycled or re-purposed

                                                                            * All of our candles have a minimum cure time of 14 days  

Our packaging and ingredients are sourced within the UK, to support local businesses. Indeed we encourage our customers to reuse the containers and packaging where possible and provide refills on many of our collections. 

Presented in a beautiful gift box which can be re-used, a lid to keep your candle smelling fresh and dust free. and prevents smoke escaping into the room.


Environment - providing sustainable products that are free from animal cruelty while minimising our carbon footprint

Quality - Ensuring quality testing every product personally before passing on to our customers

Supporting local business - All our products are sourced within the UK where possible

We would love to hear your feedback! 

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