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A collection of our stunning fragrances are now available in Wax melts.  

Wax melts offer the same beautiful scent throw as our candles.  Place an individual melt in your wax melter / burner to release the fragrance.

To get the best performance from your wax melts, see below additional information.


Safety information 

  • Do not add water to your wax melter

  • Do not use scented tea lights

  • Keep melted wax away from children and pets.

  • Always use within sight, and never leave unattended.

  • Only use one wax melt at a time

  • Wax will remain hot after the tea light has been extinguished or your burner has been switched off.

  • Do not move the oil burner or wax melter until it has cooled completely, and the wax has solidified.

  • Keep wax clear of debris

  • Do not use tea lights for longer than 4hrs

  • Use only 1 tea light at a time

  • Use on a heatproof surface

  • Do not eat

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