MOQ - 24


30cl Double wick Rapeseed Candle  in a variety of fragrances.


* Burn time: up to 35hrs

* Net weight: approx 220g


* double wick candles are suited to a medium sized room

WARNING: Never leave a burning candle unattended


30cl Rapeseed Candle - 2 Wick

  • Hand poured Rapeseed candle in a choice of white or black glass vessel, with steel lid

    Presented in a white or black gift box with gold gross grain bow

    This candle has a double cotton and paper wick to optimise scent throw and ensure wax is completely used.

    vegan friendly, cruelty free

  • 1 x double wick Rapeseed candle

    1 x steel lid

    1 x Black or white gift box with gold gross grain bow

    * This candle is suitable for a medium sized room

    * Never leave a candle unattended