A high quality 100ml circular glass diffuser coloured in white or black.


Diffusers scents last up to 3 months


MOQ - 12


Diffuser 100ml

  • 100ml circular glass diffuser in a choice of white or black glass vessel with silver trim.  Presented in a white gift box with gold ribbon and 6 black reeds

    Dismesions: D-68mm, H-(total, including cap) - 90mm, H-(to shoulder) - 58mm, H-(cap) - 32mm

    WARNING: Please note that diffuser bases are solvents which can damage painted surfaces.  Any spillages should be wiped quickly and care taken when flipping reeds.

  • 1 x 100ml glass diffuser 

    6 x black reeds

    1 x white gift box with gross grain gold ribbon